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(New slim Design)

To Slow Down around Traffic lsland or median opening

1. Bright LED , Auto ON-OFF.
2. Full charged power to last 3 night.
3. The warming distance is>500m.
Type No:

LED lamps:36pcs


7.2V 2500mAH  rechargeable battery

Charged efficiency 10.5V 220mA solar panel

Main materials
Aluminum Board
static blinking
Flash Frequency
Static blinking : 50±5 times/min
Control Box Dimension : 140x75x35 mm x2pcs


Dimension & Packing

Dimension & Packing

Back packed + Erect type solar panel (0515A3)

Back packed solar panel (0515A1)

Packing types

1pc erect solar panel in 1 carton

     Carton Dimension :16*16*11cm

1pc hazard sign-9 circles in 1 carton

    Carton Dimension:65*65*5cm

Total N.W.4.9kgs/pc

    Total G.W.6.9kgs/carton

1pc in 1 carton

    Carton Dimension:65*65*5cm

Total N.W.4.5kgs/pc

    Total G.W.6.0kgs/carton


The explanation of panel type

*  Electrical Parts are guaranteed for the period of 1 year when the apperance is not damaged

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