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The ApplicationsĄG
360 Solar Marker can be installed on the Edge line marking of the pavement and Traffic Islands . It starts functioning automatically in absence of light at night time. The warning function are effective solutions.
Note: Prevent from over riding

General SpecificationsĄG
1. Bright LEDs, Auto ON-OFF.
2.Warning distance is>400m
3. Full charged power to last 3 nights
4. Specially designed from PC materials with high compressive strength.
5. Flash Freguency : 200±s;10time/min
Electrical partsĄG
250mA solar panel
1.2V DC 1200mA rechargeable battery.

30pcs in one carton (L54xW44xH14cm)
Net weightĄG13.2kgs/cn
Gross weightĄG15kgs/cn
Guarantee Period:
Electrical parts are guaranteed for the period of 1years when the PC shell is not damaged.
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